The Well Red Coronet comes in two forms – the Duo and the Mono.
Both look the same from the top, but are quite different on the business side.

Both coronets have some features in common:

  1. the power, pulse rate and timing are preset. All you need to do is plug it in and put it on your head.
  2. there is a temperature sensor which takes action if the frame reaches 50 degrees Celsius. This is an important safety feature.


The Mono has one wavelength – 670nm (deep red).
It is usually set for 20 minutes. In specific situations, we may vary the timing.
It is pulsed at 40 Hz and the light covers the whole head.


The Duo has two wavelengths, 670nm (deep red) and 810nm (near infrared).

Well Red Coronet – Duo, with the two rows of different wavelength LEDS on each leg.

Well Red Coronet Instructions

Setting up your coronet takes a little time and careful work. Download the instructions below: