Well Red Companion App – Privacy Policy

Well Red Pty Ltd undertakes to keep all data pertaining to users of its products and apps private and secure.

Data will never be shared or sold to third parties.

The Well Red Companion App has a feature which allows the user to send diagnostic data when troubleshooting issues with the Well Red Coronet. This diagnostic data consists only of the product serial number and several technical settings internal to the Coronet firmware.

Because the App allows the user to choose the method of sending this small amount of data, the App of necessity requires access to the various sharing apps on the user’s device, such as SMS texting, email, Wechat, Messenger, etc. to allow the user to choose which method to send the diagnostic data.

Because we value the privacy of our clients, we warrant that the Well Red Companion App will never access user’s data on these user apps, but will only use the selected app to transmit the data package to Well Red’s Technical Support Team.